Accommodations in Tijuana

Since Tijuana is near the US-Mexico border, it is usually one of the cities in Mexico with the most tourists. This would explain why there are all sorts of accommodations in Tijuana.

For hotels, the cheapest room rate you could get is about US$20 a night. This will be a standard room with just a bed and shower, and not much luxuries to boast of. If you feel like pampering yourself, there are the 5 star hotels which can cost up to US$200 a night.

Most hotels cater to businessmen than tourists, so you will not see much amenities in the hotels. What you will find in most hotels are business centers and meeting rooms.

If you prefer to stay near the ocean, there is this quaint hostel that has a great view of the sea, the Hostel Barne. This hostel is located in the Playas del Tijuana and is considered as a guesthouse. It is quite simple in many ways, and although they do not offer much of amenities or luxuries, you can easily access entertainment and shopping in the nearby commercial district. In Hostel Barne, you are only allowed to stay a maximum of two weeks.

Poverty in Tijuana is obvious anywhere you go, but this is a situation that was aggravated by the boom in Tijuana which led to massive migration of Mexicans from other areas in search of employment.

Nevertheless, with all the development ongoing in Tijuana, the economic situation should improve tremendously over the nest few years.

Accommodation in TijuanaWithin Tijuana is this wonderful prominent club that is exclusive to the rich and famous. The Club Campestre de Tijuana is like a richy rich country club, similar to the ones you see in the US. It’s main attraction is its golf course which can only be used by its members and their guests.

This is not the only exclusive club in Tijuana. With the economic boom of the US Mexico trade agreement, many foreign companies have been setting up shop in Tijuana. This has resulted in a construction boom for hospitality accommodations and housing.

Thus, there are other 5 star hotels in Tijuana which are open to the public like the Grand Hotel Tijuana, many deluxe restaurants and a wider selection of international cuisine. If you are craving for Japanese food, you will be delighted to know that there are restaurants that not only serve Japanese food but also Spanish and Italian delicacies.

Many US citizens have in fact moved to Tijuana because the quality of life is less strained. Traveling across the border on a daily basis is much more preferred by many US citizens who work in the US for their income, and live in Tijuana to stretch their income to enjoy a comfortable life.

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