Culture in Tijuana

Centro Cultural TijuanaIn Tijuana, the culture and arts of Mexico can be seen in the Tijuana Cultural Center or CECUT. Here they have established a cultural mix which encompasses most of their culture and arts. For instance, in CECUT, you will be able to catch theater shows or art films both in English, films dubbed in English, or films with English subtitles.

The CECUT also boasts of a pretty wide selection of references in their library, video rooms for small screen showings, an good sized exhibit hall, IMAX theater, lecture rooms, a restaurant, and the Museum of the Californias.

Ever since 1992, CECUT has played home to the Orchestra of Baja California, it is also home to the Hispanic-American Center for Guitar, and home to the Center of Scenic Arts of the Northwest.

CECUT has been visited by as many as one million tourists and locals in a year for the past 8 years. This makes it the most popular and high profile cultural center in Mexico’s Baja California area.

Other cultural places of interest in Tijuana is the La Casa de la Cultura which has a school, library and theater. Here students are exposed to the arts like drama, music, dancing, painting, languages, plastic arts, and photography.

Tijuana also has a Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture, the Trompo Museum, and the Wax Museum. Artists from Tijuana have been receiving rave reviews from galleries in the United States for works in film and art. Last 2004, Tijuana was recognized for a wonderful art exhibit they had on the cement banks of the Tijuana River.

Much of the artistry and talent of the Mexicans, especially the youth can be seen in the extensive graffiti found all over the city. This may seem like a blatant disregard for property ownership, but the overall result of graffiti around Tijuana has gained it much popularity and has become part of the Tijuana scene.

Music is an integral part of the Tijuana scene as well. Here, you will experience Nortec which is a blend of Northern Mexican music and techno music. There is also a distinct Mexican hip hop sound, punk, the famous Tijuana brass, and black metal.

The most prestigious entertainment spots in Tijuana is known as the Club Campestre de Tijuana, the Parque de la Amistad, the Parque Morelos, and the El Foro which is a renovated jai alai court now turned into a concert venue.

While art and culture is not yet internationally known as much as it was when the Tijuana Brass Bands were popular way back in the 60s and 70s, slowly, Tijuana artists are making their way back into the international cultural scene and being recognized and more acceptable to the world. As one pop song on Tijuana called “Welcome to Tijuana” says, “Welcome to Tijuana…Tequila, sexo y marijuana…” thereby creating an image of absolute freedom and a life of pleasure on can find in Tijuana.

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