Mexico and US Citizens

Why Is Mexico So Attractive To US Citizens?

Mexico has always been an attraction to many US citizens. Mainly for these reasons:


Shopping in Tijuana is a dream come true for most shoppers. Here you can come across rich silver jewelry, wonderfully embroidered clothing and blankets, glazed decorative pottery, beautiful glassware, and so many more products.

Anywhere you go in Mexico, tourists are bombarded with vendors selling their wares which make haggling so much easier and a lot of fun.


Food in MexicoWhile shopping is a great pastime among tourists, one reason why US citizens enjoy going to Mexico is because of the food. Authentic Mexican food is a culinary delight especially if you combine it with one of their wonderful Mexican drinks like the Margarita or the Daiquiri.

Tacos and burritos in Mexico are much more tastier than the commercial ones in the States. There are other Mexican dishes like nachos, flautas, fajitas, and the all time American favorite, chili con carne.


The nightlife in Mexico can go from a wonderfully romantic night out to a wild and boisterous bar party. Many US citizens enjoy the freedom of being able to drink at the early age of 18 compared to the minimum legal age in the US which is 21. This makes for some of the wildest nights of many American teenagers.

The nightlife in Mexico is also full of risk and danger because of the much talked about illicit trade. It is not hard to find illegal substances in Mexico which is probably one of the main attractions this country has.

Mexico is also notorious for having an open red light district that is not monitored properly – health wise. Most US citizens are regularly advised to stay clear of the red light district but more often than not, this is disregarded.

Less Pressure and Cheaper Way of Life

Finally, we are witnessing the highest rate of migration among US citizens to Mexico because life is cheaper there. Compared to the prices and cost of living ion the United States, Mexico is like a haven for the US dollar. Many US citizens prefer to continue working in their country but living in Mexico. This way they get to full enjoy the strength of the might American dollar.
Not only is housing cheaper, daily expenses and professional fees for dentists, doctors, etc are very reasonable. Labor for repairs and maintenance is amazingly low. In fact, most Mexicans have been practicing and living a life or recycling long before it became the “in” thing to do in the United States. This is why there are many skilled laborers and workers in Mexico. The standard of living here in Mexico is slowly improving with more immigrants coming and influencing the way of life in Mexico.

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