Ocean and Beaches in Tijuana

Although the beaches and oceans in Tijuana can never match the beaches of Bali the Caribbean Islands, and the Gold Coast, they still have their share of tourists who enjoy the calming effects of being at the seaside at daybreak, or enjoying the waves when surfing. Tijuana’s beaches are attractive mostly to US citizens because it is so close to their homes. It’s just like a hop and skip away. Coming from the border of US and Mexico, it will only take them an hour or so to get to the beach.

You do have to choose the beach carefully since some of them are badly polluted and have been found to have bacteria that is extremely harmful to the body. To find these beaches, you will need to travel further south to Rosarito Beach which is also known by the locals as Playas de Rosarito. This beach is in the suburbs of Tijuana, and you can find the water to be relatively cleaner than in most other beaches. Naturally, there will always be a crowd since good beaches in Tijuana are limited.

If you want to venture further south to another place, you can try going to Ensenada where you will find surfing and more water sports. Here, the area is known for its point breaks and reef breaks. With the recent boom in infrastructure and the hospitality business, more tourists have been coming to this area for the beach.

Tijuana Ocean Ocean from Hotel

If you are thinking of buying one of the houses in Tijuana as a second home and a vacation home, you should take a peek at San Antonio del Mar which is a gated community. This place is only about 22 km from Tijuana which means you can easily get there from the border. Here, you will experience the luxury of living inside a secure, well guarded community. Not far from here is the Real del Mar Golf Resort which is world class by any standards.

The view from the San Antonio del Mar is absolutely breathtaking. You can see the Coronado Islands and catch a glimpse of whales and other beautifuk sea animals from your veranda.

Not farther down is the Rosarito Beach, the Rosarito Beach Hotel, and several drinking joints and bars for a truly Mexican night out experience. The best part about being in a Tijuana beach is witnessing the amazing sunsets, and the peace and serenity of being close to nature.

There is also the Playas de Tijuana which is a more commercialized area. Many tourists enjoy staying here because it is near the commercial areas. For most Tijuana tourists, the attraction of Tijuana is more on the social events and partying than in enjoying nature’s bounty.

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