Playas de Tijuana Borough

Playas de Tijuana is located in the western side of Tijuana. The boroughs have the Pacific Ocean to its west, the Municipality of Playas de Rosarito on the south, the US on the north, San Antonio de los Buenos in the Eat and the Boroughs Centro on the Northeast.

In Playas de Tijuana is where you can find the beaches. You can also go to Paseo Ensenada and Rosarito from here. Paseo Ensenada is a vibrant tourist area where you will find everything you need and want. There are commercial centers and many businesses that have set up shop here.

There are also water sports like kayaking, surfing, swimming, and body boarding.
The ocean and beaches in this part of Tijuana are excellent venues for these water sports. The waters are very conducive and it is because of the beaches that many tourists drive down to the Playas.

Playas de TijuanaIn this place, you will also find the famous Plaza Monumental Bullring and Universidad Iberoamericana. Playas de Tijuana is known for being highly developed in culture and arts. Infrastructure development has steadily increased over the past years. There are American real estate companies who have tremendous faith in the potential of the area so much so that they have their hospitality projects like the Trump Ocean Resort, and the Park Towers.

Life in Playa del Tijuana is relatively peaceful. Even if it is a has tourists bustling about and a business and commercial center, it is unlike the usual hectic rush of a big city. Life here is much more simpler and the pace is slower.

Playas de TijuanaIf you are looking for a relaxing vacation near the beach, then Playa del Tijuana is the destination you should consider. If you vacation falls somewhere between May and September, then you will be able to catch bullfighting as this is the season for bullfights. Try making your holiday fall in July and not only will you be able to witness a real bullfight, you will also be able to enjoy the Fish and Seafood Festival which is usually held in the third week of July.

Accommodations in the Playas de Tijuana are not as expensive as in the top tourist destinations in Europe, You can easily find very good and clean accommodations without the steep price right in the heart of the Playas de Tijuana.

One of these places is the Hacienda del Mar (house by the sea) which is also near the venue for the bullfighting. There are many bars, restaurants and even internet cafe’ that will turn the evenings in Playas del Tijuana into one bug party place.

If you are coming from Tijuana, and want to visit the Playas de Tijuana, all you need to do is hop into a “colectivo”. This is a communal taxi which means you share the taxi with whoever is going your way as well. It’s a very reasonable way to get to the wonderful beaches in the Playas, costing you only a few dollars either way.

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