Tijuana and US Citizens

Why US Citizens Are Going To Tijuana

Tijuana BordersTijuana is by far not the best tourist destination in the world, yet why are so many American citizens traveling to Tijuana, making it the busiest port of entry with over 300,000 people crossing the US-Mexico border daily?


Being right outside the border, Tijuana is relatively easy to get to, and there’s no need to buy and airplane ticket to get there. It could be as easy as a cross county drive to the US-Mexico border. The only fly in the ointment is the long wait at the border lines itself. Expect to wait at least an hour to get across.

Upon entering Tijuana, there are the usual tourist activities American enjoy like shopping and partying. They also go down to the beaches and enjoy water sports.

Going to Tijuana for the American youth is like a rite of passage for them. The many Hollywood movies that have been made about the joys and perils of going to Tijuana make the place interesting to them. For many college students, especially boys, it’s a must thing to do before facing adulthood.


Some US citizens trying to get away from the hard expensive life in the US move to Tijuana to find a more reasonable way of life. Here in Tijuana, things are not as expensive and the place is fairly decent. Plus, being so close to the US border makes it ideal for holiday trips back to relatives in the United States.

In addition, US citizens who move to Tijuana get preferential treatment in Tijuana simply because of their heritage and race. It’s a fact of life anywhere in the world.

Medical Mission & Medical Needs

Many US citizens travel to Tijuana and the rest of Mexico to give aid to the poor and needy. This is what they call their medical missions. They bring medicines and qualified professionals to handle mild to minor operations. For many Americans, they do it out of a need to be as humanly kind to others as a way of giving back to the world.

Many Mexicans are extremely lucky to have these medical missions come to their area. Documented cases have been aired in US shows and the medical missions are growing in popularity.

Illicit Activities

While widely denied, it is a fact that US citizens go to Tijuana because the minimum age allowed for drinking is lower than that in the United States. In Tijuana, am 18 year old can legally drink anywhere in Mexico. This is much lower than the minimum age in the United States which is 21.

In addition, there are a lot of illegal trade for the unscrupulous tourist to indulge in. However, it is advisable to stay away from them because if caught, they could end up in a lousy Mexican jail for a very long time.

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