Traveling to Tijuana

There are several ways to enter Tijuana, and your choice should depend on where you are coming from.

By Air

Tijuana-General Abelardo Rodriguez International Airport is only a few miles away from downtown Tijuana which makes it a very convenient entry point. There are two major local airlines that operate out of this airport: the Mexicana and the Aeromexico.

From the airport, you can travel to Tijuana town proper via taxi or rental car. It would be better for you to get an authorized taxi since these are monitored by the airport security. Furthermore, they have to follow certain guideline set by the airport management such as fares and overall appearance of the taxi and its interior.

If you are not interested in taking the taxis, there are airport coaches that will bring you to the city for a minimal cost. Ask for assistance in locating the buses, but on your own, it should not be hard to find as they are distinct in their white and blue exterior.

San Diego Airport is quite near the entry point to Tijuana so you can take a flight to this airport and catch a connecting coach that will bring you all the way into Tijuana proper. If you prefer, you could take the train if you want. The moving around to get to the right train may appear a little confusing to you, but if you follow the right crowd, they will lead you to the right exit

By Car or By Foot

Assuming of course that you will be coming from the US, all you need to do is go on I-805 or I -5 all the way to the Mexican border. If you plan to bring in your car, you will need to present the right documents. Plus you will be required to buy Mexican insurance which you can purchase from the border.

Airport in TijuanaIf you do not want to go through all the hassle and long waiting lines, you could park your car and cross the border on foot. Once you have crossed into Mexico, there are many taxis or buses waiting to take you to your destination. Parking on the US side of the border is very reasonable. The rates can vary from $4 to $9 a day. It’s a small price to pay for guarded parking lots.

Once you cross the border, you can even just take a leisurely 15 minute walk to Avenida Revolucion which will signal the start of your Mexican – Tijuana dream vacation

By Bus

There are coaches that you can take from the US side of the border after you have parked your car, and they will bring you to the Revolucion Avenue which is located in the middle of downtown Mexico. From there, you will take a bus to bring you to Tijuana and the beautiful beaches of Mexico.

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